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Classification:Chemical Auxiliary Agent

CAS No.:66034-17-1

EINECS No.:457-330-7


Place of Origin:Chongqing, China

Type:Flame Retardants

Brand Name:Chongqing Copolyforce

Model Number:FR-1400

Product name:TPU Specific halogen-free flame retardant

Application:Electronics & electrical, automotive, rail transportation

Color:Pure White

Use:Flame retardant materials

Apperance:white powder

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:

5000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year

Packaging & Delivery

Port Chongqing or Shanghai


Lead Time:

Quantity(Kilograms)1 - 5000>5000
Est. Time(days)7To be negotiated

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Product Description


TPU Specific halogen-free flame retardant FR-1400

FR-1400 of Copolyforce is specially designed for TPU, with phosphorus, nitrogen elements as the main flame retardant elements of halogen-free flame retardant which works by the mechanism of condensed phase flame retardancy. It has the advantages of low additive amount and high flame retardant efficiency. Not subject to RoHS and REACH restrictions; the surface of the final parts is smooth, with strong precipitation resistance, good water resistance, and excellent resistance to migration, excellent electrical properties and low smoke non-toxic and other characteristics.


Physical and Chemical Properties 

Item UnitIndex
 Appearance——White Powder
The Content of Phosphorus%(W/W)≥30

The Content of Nitrogen
 Particle Sizeμm5

MAX. 220
Process Condition


1)Because the initial decomposition temperature of FR-1400 in air is 321 ℃, the processing temperature of twin screw extruder can be adjusted higher in accordance with the actual need to enhance the dispersion and enhance the plasticization effect. Maintain vacuum of the twin screw extruder during the processing is also needed.

(2)When FR-1400 is used, please pay attention to proper use of stabilizer, coupling agent, and other phosphorus/nitrogen flame retardant APP, MC or MCA after mixing.

Application Examples 1. Formulation and Property:

UL94Tensile Strength (MPa)Elongation (%)Hardness (shore a)
TPU-785A+12% FR-1400+1% AdditivesV-0(3.2mm)V-1(1.6mm)9434.387
TPU-785ATPU-785A+16% FR-1400+1% AdditivesV-0(3.2mm)V-0(1.6mm)8.9432.788

Remarks:Above application data as the typical FR-1400 one.


Machine:Twin screw Extruder 35

Machine Temperatures Set(℃):160  170  170  180  180  180 180  180  170  160

Machine Rotate Speed:240-360rpm

Recommended Screw Combination: Extruder 35(Total thread block: 46,screw length: 1428mm)

China Coal Technology Engineering Group Chongqing Research Institute Limited All Right Reserved. For details, please visit

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Company Profile


China Coal Technology & Engineering Group (CCTEG) Chongqing Research Institute Co. Ltd established in 1965, part of the CCTEG, a central enterprise that directly managed by SASAC. We are headquartered in Erlang Technology Park of the Chongqing high-tech zones, is in the national coal mine safety field in the leading position of the first-class science and technology enterprises. In 2014, Chongqing Research Institute completed major asset restructuring and entered Tiandi Science & Technology Co., Ltd. to achieve the overall listing of its main business. 

Chongqing Copolyforce New Materials Co. Ltd is a second-level entity untity company affiliated to China Coal Technology & Engineering Group(CCTEG)Chongqing Research Institute co., LTD. The company focuses on the development, production, sales and technical services of halogen-free environmental protection flame retardants, modified engineering plastics and safety plastics for mining.The company consists of fire retardant materials business division, modified plastics business division and safety plastic products department, and has a fire retardant workshop, modified plastics workshop, precision injection molding workshop, synthesis laboratory, polymer material performance laboratory. It has an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons of halogen free flame retardant, 20,000 tons of modified engineering plastics and 1,000 tons of precision injection products. The company has a doctor, researcher, senior engineer based professional r & d team, more than 30 professional r & d personnel.

Since 1990, Chongqing Copolyforce New Materials Co. Ltd, has been committed to the research and production of flame retardant plastics, and has successfully developed more than 200 kinds of flame retardant plastics and products. Based on years of research experience in flame-retardant plastics, the flame-retardant materials division was established in 2013, specializing in the innovative research of halogen-free environment-friendly flame-retardant additives, in order to solve the core technical difficulties in the industry and make up for the domestic industrial technology shortcomings. The halogen-free environment-friendly flame retardant additives have been widely used in automobile, electrical appliances, general machinery, mines, cables and other fields. The related products are exported to Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries.



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